My fucking grub is not installing

I also had the GRUB error at the end of the Mint 16 install on my macbook pro.
Try this:
(1) Run live session again from mint CD/USB then
(2) Open a new Terminal, then type:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair && sudo apt-get update
Press Enter
(3) Then type:
sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair && (boot-repair &)
Press Enter
(4) Select the recommended fix.
(5) Reboot
(6) Shutdown from ReFind once or twice, although this is probably not necessary…
(7) Boot Mint ;)


Bash it up


-r: recursive
-v verbose

rm: remove

rm [file1 file2]
rm –R will recursively delete a folder. Notice cap R, which is a naughty deviation from the usual –r flag

CP: copy

cp [source][/source] [destination]


mv [source language=”destination”][/source]


shows a tree representation of a [target]

MKDIR: MAke directory

mkdir [name]

MKDIR: MAke directory

mkdir [name]
mkdir –p [multiple levels deep defined] will create a full directory structure in one go


gzip only does compression, not packing of multiple files and folders into an archive.

tar –czvf [name of compressed file] [target dir]
-c: create|
-z: zip (uses gzip)
-v: verbose
f: name of compressed file follows

tar –xvf [name of compressed file]
-x: extract



You can set permissions for the User, Group and Others
Permissions are either:
r: read names of files in dirs [4]
w: write [2]
x: execute [1]

The drwx—— weirdness above is actually:

[d/-] directory or file
rwx for current user
rwx for current group
rwx for others

CHMOD: change permissions on file system object

chmod [-R] u+w [file]
add w to user on the [file]
-R would do it recusively for all files in dir

chmod g-rw [file]
remove read and write permissions on the file for the current user group

chmod u=rwx,go=r     (notice no spaces)
give the current user rwx and the group and others r only

CHOWN: change owner

root user only
chown [new owner] [file]

CHgrp: change group

current owner only
chgrp [-R] [groupname] [file]
now  file permissions will effect everyone in the [groupname] group

GIT smart

Ben Hoskin’s dit-files are a gem:

* gbrt shows you a view of branches and whether they have made it into the current branch.

* grh is git reset hard

* gl is git log

* gls is git log –short

* gco is git check out

* gm is git merge

* ga .    is git add –all

* gc is git commit

* gp is git push

* gp :branch-name deletes a remote branch


* git log ..[branch-name]

Will show log messages in [branch-name] that are not in HEAD (the current commit)


* Merge and Rebase: “its all about what you want your history to look like”. That’s it.


* git status –short

An easily readable summary of file changes, additions, and deletions.


* git add –update

Stage all changes in all tracked files. All modifications in all known files will be included in the next commit.


* git log –patch [file name]

Shows recent commits which changed the file


* git log –S’[search text]’

will search though entire log and return commits which included this text in a file.


*git lol –simplify-by-decoration

will show you a log for all the tags and branches and their most recent commit