Copy blobs around like a boss

Import-Module Azure

$sourceAccount = 'myvids'
$sourceKey = '@@@@@@@'

$destAccount = 'destvids'
$destKey = '@@@@@@@'

$containerName = 'videos'

$sourceContext = New-AzureStorageContext $sourceAccount $sourceKey
$destContext = New-AzureStorageContext $destAccount $destKey

$blobs = Get-AzureStorageBlob `
    -Context $sourceContext `
    -Container $containerName

$copiedBlobs = $blobs |
    Start-AzureStorageBlobCopy `
        -DestContext $destContext `
        -DestContainer $containerName `

$copiedBlobs | Get-AzureStorageBlobCopyState

Disable Git automerge of specific file types

Sick of spending hours merging divergent forks?
Tired of tracking down random reference duplicates in your project files?
Annoyed with randomly fucked XML in project files?
Suicidal because you thought DLL HELL was a thing of the past, only to find that it’s now called Nuget and the registry is now a .package file/files?

Well, this tip is for you!

1. Add a .gitattributes file alongside your .gitignore file in your repo.
2. Put his in it:

*.csproj -merge
*.sln -merge
packages.config -merge

Now, git will NEVER try to auto merge project, solution and package files.