Acceptance Criteria

We are currently losing focus when coming up with AC. There are a few issues, not least of which is the fact that we don’t have testers atm, who would be prone to helping out with ACs.

Our problem has more to do with the fact that we are losing ourselves in the world of Given When Then too soon, instead of focussing on coming up with all the SCENARIOS up front.

Once the scenarios are there, then articulating the GWT for each one is the next step. We need to be thinking more broadly upfront to be able to come up with all the scenarios; diving directly into the GWT for each one as we come up with it is resulting in a loss of focus.


1. Story Titles must map directly to behaviours of the system

2. Reading just the story titles should describe all the behaviour of the system

3. GWT articulate the scenarios for each story, making them understood by all (business owner, tester, developer) and therefore testable.


Read this:

Then read it again.