My name is Qerim Shahini.

I live here and there and lead agile teams to glorious success for a living. I’m a developer with my sights set firmly on delivery, fueled by a vast ocean of experience which has left me scarred and deeply troubled.

When I am able to recall my past, I could tell you that I have worked on three continents in fields like finance, sports betting, mining, e-commerce, travel, biosystems and more. I have consulted, contracted, outsourced, in-sourced, worked BAU, worked greenfields more times than I can count, founded and operated an elitist software shop with employees and stuff, launched two products on my own juice, seen one annihilate the opposition and be sold for lots, seen one sap me of everything I was and then some.. and then fail. I could go on, but my angst-triggered override has kicked in so the warm blanket of self-induced memory failure has saved me… and you.

I LOVE what I do. I could not imagine doing anything else. Without code I am but a husk. Without people to help and environments to influence, I would go mad.

This is where I dump random stuff so that I actually remember the occasional thing.

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