Returning HTML from a filter

When your filter returns HTML, you need to do stuff for Angular to be OK with it.

Step 1: Tell Angular it’s HTML it can trust:

//some filter code...

return $sce.trustAsHtml('html in here');

The $sce service can be injected into your filter like any other Angular service.

Step 2: Test it

describe('some filter tests', function () {
   beforeEach(module('my module'));

var f;

beforeEach(inject(function ($filter) {
      f = $filter('myFilter');

describe('Given some thing...', function () {

  it('should should return me some html', function () {
    var filterResult = f('some input value').$$unwrapTrustedValue();
    expect(filterResult).toBe('<strong>HELLO</strong>&nbsp;<small>little people</small>');